Aristocrat Leisure Limited

Case Studies 26 Apr 2016


Aristocrat Leisure Limited is a leading global supplier of gaming solutions with products and services available in more than 55 countries worldwide. This Australian-based company is currently undergoing significant expansion into the US and Japan, with Europe and Asia also earmarked as lucrative future markets.

FCM secured a three-year, multimillion dollar contract with Aristocrat Leisure Limited. With a similar approach to growth and a tailored approach to solutions, we’re now helping Aristocrat move forward with its expansion plans.

Aristocrat previously worked with various travel management companies in different markets. This posed problems including consolidation of reporting with limited ability to track expenditure.

Through our own conservative estimates, we discovered Aristocrat’s disaggregated business travel costs far exceeded what the group believed to be spending on travel. With Aristocrat on the cusp of major growth, business travel simply couldn’t get in the way of its goals. Aristocrat needed travel management that supported its global growth strategy. And this is where we were able to help. 


With an expansion approach quite similar to Aristocrat’s, FCM had an appreciation of their ‘growing pains’. So we created tailor-made solutions that included: ƒƒ

  • The appointment of a single global account manager to oversee all activity and keep Aristocrat’s business travel in the UK, Europe and Australia, on strategy and on budget ƒƒ
  • The hand-selection of a dedicated, individual travel manager based in each country. We chose people who understand and recognise the specific needs of a global account, but more importantly provide that cultural ‘fit’ with Aristocrat. ƒƒ
  • Ongoing accessibility to all our people, even our most senior leaders, whenever they are needed ƒƒ
  • The application of suitable local travel technology in each country ƒƒ
  • Consolidated reporting.


As the team at Aristocrat explains, there were a number of reasons why the company chose us:

Global synergy:

“We needed to find a supplier who understood and could support our global strategy.” Simon Kelly CFO for Aristocrat.

Global consistency:

“Our head of global marketing is based in the US and our head of technology is in the UK, therefore consistency across all these markets is extremely important to us when partnering with a global supplier,” Kelly says.

Local service, global support:

“There’s no point in FCM Travel Solutions’ people being excellent in one region, if the same level of customer service isn’t found in all the other markets they operate in,” says Melinda Lalor, Kelly’s PA and the primary driver behind the relationship. “Knowing those cultural nuances, whilst still having the ability to negotiate competitive global rates for us across the board lends real weight to our relationship.”

Accountability and responsibility:

“We believe that a TMC, no matter how global, is only as good as their dedicated consultant who picks up the phone on a day-to-day basis,” Melinda adds. “The strength of the FCM tagline has been tested in this area”.

Proven systems:

“During the first week we made several complex international bookings with multiple changes, enquired about difficult visas and made calls to the after-hours service in each country to test their true global capabilities,” Melinda says. “Each of these processes proved seamless.”